Star Trek: NCC1701 "Enterprise" at the Smithsonian Institution.

Last Updated: 11th July 1999

The images presented below feature the original 11 foot model of NCC1701 "Enterprise" as featured in the classic TV series "Star Trek". Put into storage, on completion of the series, the model started to decay until Paramount presented it to the Smithsonian Institution. The Institution set about restoring the missing components (nacelle end caps and sensor dish) after which it was put on public display. The photographs below were taken in 1990 and show the Enterprise in this state.

Late in 1991 the model was once again restored, this time by SFMA Modellers, a Boston based FX house. This time a more thorough restoration was carried out with the nacelle end caps and sensor dish once again being replaced. As part of this restoration, the exposed wiring on the port side was hidden, and missing detailing added so the ship could be viewed from both sides. Panel lines were added and weathering applied.

On a personal note, I am saddened by the decision to hide the original exposed wiring and the addition of the missing detailing, as the ship is now in a form in which it never existed during filming.

The Enterprise miniature is owned by the Smithsonian Institution. "Star Trek" and "Starship Enterprise" are trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation.

These images are copyright: Chris Trice.
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More images taken in October 2000.
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