Star Trek: NCC1701 "Enterprise" at the Smithsonian Institution (2000).

Last Updated: 13th July 2001

Having been put into storage for some years, the 11 foot model of "Enterprise" is finally back on public display. Fortunately for me, Chris Trice visited the Smithsonian in 2000 and took the detailed images reproduced below. Even better, he agreed to me making them available to fellow enthusiasts.

The model is now contained in a glass case in the basement, and access to say the least, is not easy. Some of the photos show light reflecting off of the glass, but they are still amoungst the most detailed images I have ever seen. Enjoy!

The Enterprise miniature is owned by the Smithsonian Institution. "Star Trek" and "Starship Enterprise" are trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation.
These images are copyright: Chris Trice.
Click on a thumbnail to view full image. Images are quite large so as not to loose detail.

Does anyone have similar photographs of the restored model or recently exhibited movie version?
If so I would love to hear from you:

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